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Zero Waste

Reusable Goods

Here are just a few examples of zero waste goods you can buy or make in order to cut down on the packaging for things that you use. Note that these items don't contain plastic, or they may be made from recycled plastic:


Mason jars of all types and sizes!


A mason jar funnel can make them much easier to use. 


Abeego wraps are great substitutes for plastic wrap yet may be washed and reused.


A Coffee sock is a reusable coffee filter made from organic cotton.

Reusable air filters for your AC/heating unit


Tissues--Cut up old clothes or sheets to make tissues. Store them in a mason jar or a nice box on counter and provide a basket to hold the used ones.

Reusable bulk bags for produce shopping.

Starting a compost pile is a great way to reuse food scraps.

There are many more examples in the websites in our Zero Waste resource section.

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