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Our Story

How One Act a Day Began

“There were things I didn’t know! When I was young, I trusted in the system around me. But as I grew up, I became aware that a lot of what I was raised to believe in, wasn’t working out so well.


I thought I lived in the land of opportunity and of plenty. Where immigrants were welcomed and anyone with enough gumption would be able to make their mark. Where advanced scientific techniques were making healing medicines and strengthening our food production. Where people were treated as innocent until proven guilty and a just and fair legal system presided.


What a shock to learn about the people who were enslaved and exploited to make the products I enjoyed. To learn about the animals being drugged, tortured and maimed to create my meals. To observe a medical system fraught with uncertainty where many times the cure is worse than the disease and established medical doctrine cannot be trusted. And to see the vast inequities between races and nationalities and unfairness in the legal system, in education and even in having a place to live. And so much more!


1 Act a Day was conceived to answer this. Our core belief is that the world can be transformed by the power of all of us working together.”


                                                                       Ora Goldman--Founder

What is 1 Act a Day?

1 Act a Day is a public network that gives voice to the solutions for the issues that are plaguing society. Many of the problems we face are systemic in nature, and can seem overwhelming to any one individual. Knowing that many people care about the same issues and that there are things that we ourselves can do about them is tremendously encouraging. So the site helps us share the information about what is being done and what each of us can do.


1 Act a Day also supports local groups, who meet to create change. The groups are places to increase awareness by sharing information and to organize activities that help. Attending a group in itself helps many of the underlying issues that plague contemporary society: isolation, a sense of powerlessness to create change, and a lack of awareness and involvement at the local level. will continue to add videos and blogs about numerous community issues. The website will provide a collaborative online forum for new 1 Act groups across the US and internationally. Each group will share important issues in their communities and will highlight the people/ organizations successfully addressing those issues through both small and large actions.

The Boulder 1 Act a Day Group

1 Act a Day is a Non-Profit social network and global community that launched in 2014 with the formation of the first 1 Act a Day group in Boulder, Colorado. Our interests are many and growing. We have already learned a lot around social justice, food sovereignty, homelessness and zero waste! We have had a lot of fun and been inspired to make some lifestyle changes as well as become more activistic.


Please contact us if you would like to start your own local 1 Act group!

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