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Veganism and speciesism

Volunteering at Cure Organic Farm

From Food Empowerment Project

As a vegan organization, Food Empowerment Project believes in the power of ethical eating.


Opting for vegan foods (which are free from any ingredients derived from animals) helps alleviate the torment of farmed animals. In this country alone, 10 billion land animals are killed every year. That includes cows used in the dairy industry and hens exploited for their eggs, all of whom end up slaughtered for low grade products, like hamburger and soup, or are simply killed. In addition, countless marine creatures become "seafood" after being cruelly confined in the artificial environment of industrial-scale fish farms or pulled from the oceans with hooked lines or massive nets, then dumped on fishing vessels to suffocate.

Eating a vegan diet is also kinder to the environment, which suffers the consequences of factory farming, including millions of tons of manure that are spilled into waterways and fragile ecosystems.

For more on these issues, please visit Food Is Power.

Things you can do

1) Participate in a CSA program in your area. This is Community Supported Agriculture which lets you purchase a share in a local farm and get the bounty from that harvest.

2) Shop at your local farmers market.

3) Ask your grocer to carry locally grown food and products.


4) Invest in local food initiatives and businesses.

5) Grow your own food--create a garden in your backyard, get a plot in a community garden, or grow in pots.

Resources to learn more

Find a CSA in your area at Local Harvest.

Local Food Shift is an online and print magazine loaded with information and great articles by thought leaders.

Sign the Declaration of Local Food Independence.


Read Rebuilding the Local Foodshed by Philip Ackerman-Leist.

Slow Money is a movement that catalyzes the flow of capital to local food systems-get involved!


There are an infinite number of websites and books that demonstrate how to grow your own organic garden, from small projects in pots to large home gardens. Start googling!

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