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ACLU and Keeping Civil Liberties Alive and Well

Written by:

Ora Goldman, 1 Act a Day founder

On Thursday December 15, 2016, 1 Act a Day hosted the ACLU for an event "Keeping Civil Liberties Alive and Well in a Trump Era". Topics covered by Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, the Executive Director of ACLU Colorado, included:

  • Voting Rights

  • Immigration

  • Scapegoating of Muslims and immigrants

  • Women's Rights

  • Criminal Justice

  • Privacy

  • Activism


Notes from the meeting can be found here.

Things you can do
  1. Download the ACLU app for Android or iPhone.You can record a movie of police activity and it will automatically send it to the ACLU

  2. Sign petitions opposing actions the administration takes that you don't agree with.

  3. Show up at protests.

  4. Show up at city council, county commission and state legislature meetings. Let them know you are watching.

  5. Volunteer to help at-risk kids—teach how to read, give them support.

  6. Look into the Reentry Project. Uniting business leaders, policymakers, and practitioners from the corrections and workforce development fields with the goal of improving reentry and employment outcomes for individuals with criminal histories.

Resources to learn more

Read more about Activism on our site.


Criminal Justice:

Learn about Exposing Bigotry:



Women’s rights: 


Community Rights and Environmental Protection:

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